Wednesday, June 2, 2010

When in Rome...

I was in NYC last week for a book thing. The weather was perfect, I actually saw the sun! I got lots of walking in and we ate out a fair amount. A few things I discovered:
1. I am OVER pork belly. I mean, I like it and all, but please. Surely there is some other under appreciated part of the pig that can make a renaissance now?
2. Good coffee in New York is hard to find. In fact, I noticed I was drinking significantly less coffee while we were there because it all SUCKED so much. I am sorry about the language, but it was truly disappointing. The last afternoon we were there, we went to the Momofuku Milk Bar after lunch at the Ssam Bar next door. At the Milk Bar they serve Stumptown Coffee. So to get a decent cup of joe, we had to find a place that served Portland coffee. I know, Stumptown roasts in NYC now, but still. I should point out that we never went to Starbucks. Being from the northwest, we are sort of trained not to go there.
3. Cabs are good. I like the subway a lot too, but a quick little cab ride a few miles does wonders for the feet.
4. The hazelnut spread (not Nutella) from Le Pain Quotidien is to die for. I had a waffle with this luscious spread on it. No chocolate in it. I will admit that it was a teeny bit too sweet, but that didn't stop me from inhaling it.

Now I am back in Oregon, waiting for the sun to shine so I can get some fresh vegetables besides lettuce, kale, spring onions and other various greens (i.e. weeds).