Sunday, January 11, 2009

pinches tacos - or where i would take mark if he visited me in LA and was in the mood for tacos

forget about cooking - it's 85 degrees in the middle of january in LA, i have two guests under the age of 12 who eat nothing but white food (bread, pasta, chicken nuggets) and i have a deadline.
so i won't make jamie oliver's parmesan chicken, or that pasta and cabbage dish that actually looked very good last week when it was slightly cooler in this hell-hole of a town.

back to the tacos. i am a purist about them: i like them small, i like them with fresh salsa, and i want hand-made tortillas. you have to drive deep into LA to find that, and even heading east is no guarantee. in portland, i am a dedicated supporter of por qué no taquería. they transported what i like best about the tizoncito in mexico city to a kitschy small space in north east p'land. and today i discovered pinches tacos on sunset, not 1 mile from where i live! a walking distance taquería, close to a good cinema and across from the chateau marmont - one way or the other, i'll have some form of entertainment with bittman-worthy tacos.

check them out at, and let me know if you're in town...