Wednesday, October 28, 2009

MB, brussels spouts and bacon - I am in heaven

I haven't watched one of MB's video is months, months!

And my re-introduction to him today is by way of two of my favorite foods : brussels spouts and bacon. It is a tragedy that the man I share my life and kitchen with is 1) a vegetarian, and 2) a brussels spouts hater. My love of these two ingredients is therefore a rarely satisfied, very guilty pleasure, which of course makes today's MB video even more akin to pornography. The very best and most titillating kind of pornography.

I could smell the bacon sizzling in his pan, and I heard the shreds of brussels sprouts arrange themselves in the tightness of that crowded skillet. The clincher, the money shot as it were, was the dash of balsamic MB poured over the sweltering dish. Do you know what happens when vinegar hits a hot oily pan? The astringents of the vinegar pierce your nose first and then the sweet smell lodges on your tongue, in anticipation of what you'll taste when the dish is done.

I have 4 tomatoes and 2 apples in my fridge right now, so there's no chance of actually eating this dish tonight. But that doesn't matter, because today's video is 3 and a half minutes of heaven,

And if I smoked, I'd probably want a cigarette now.

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