Tuesday, October 5, 2010

wearing thin

It's been rather thin on the posting here, hasn't it? A million apologies. We've had very good reasons to be lazy here, largely because we have not been lazy elsewhere. For my part, I sent a book off to press, submitted a paper, commented on another one and am fulfilling a series of other obligations too tedious to share. S, for her part, expanded her bookstore and got her nails done. So there.
The pictorial essay of things I did (and ate) this summer is sprinkled all over this post because I still don't know how to control the placement of pics in posts.


Anne Zimmerman said...

Gather gather! I am so jealous. And I am so glad the blog is up and running again. Your faithful reader returns with gusto (and wearing sneakers, not boots)

Anne Zimmerman said...

P.S. Congrats on getting that book in!!! Mine slogs on. I'm eager to be done, but then what will I do?

once bitten, twice crushed said...

what will we do next??? write another book, that's what!