Sunday, October 19, 2008

forgive me, for i have genericided.

i am guilty as charged - hoover qualifies for any vacuum, sprite is any lemon soda, and i call couscous everything from the pasta grain itself to the dish with the tangy tomatoey broth, and have even referred to tabouleh as couscous with parsley (although I wonder if that is actually the opposite of genericide).

in any case, let me second S; hurrah for dessert couscous! yum to the nth degree, this is just the thing for a rainy oregon afternoon. or a warm LA evening - especially if you are nursing sore teeth and sporting temporary crowns.

share much? well yes, but it all matters when lauding the qualities of a dish! the day you find yourself unable to chew properly, somewhat uncomfortable yet ravenous, the almond milk cooked coscous will bring you back to life, or something resembling it. let it cook past its usual point so it gets very soft, add more almond milk so it is doesn't get clumpy, omit the apricots (remember the painful fargile teeth) and add some slivers of ginger, or a bit of cinnamon, or add a few canned tangerines (slippery soft yet sweet and cool, providing a nice contrast to the couscous).

no pictures again from me, but trust us, this one is a keeper.

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