Monday, February 2, 2009

Blake's, ca. 1984

A long long time ago, when Mark and I were much younger, I spent a w-e in London at what would become a rather hip hotel. Blake's is still is hip, the grande dame of hip, if that is possible.
The hotel had old Vuitton suitcases for side-tables ( a staple of boutique hotels in the 90's), dark walls, heavy chntz and moder furniture, Annick Goutal room scent diffusers, bowls of all-sorts licorice candy, retro drinks at the dark and smoky bar. I was too young to drink, at least when traveling with my parents, but not too young to appreciate the cheddar&chutney nibbles that came with them.

The appetizers, which are sadly no longer on the Blake's menu, don't take mych work or talent to compose. Instructions are as follows:

Take Carr's water crackers
Spread a bit of good mango chutney
Add a slice if sharp cheddar
Layer with a piece of avocado.
Eat. Repeat.

It has the simplicity of the Bittman creed, and it is utterly addictive.

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