Sunday, February 8, 2009

update on Blakes and more

Not a week after I posted my memories of things past at Blake's, guess who was photographed there just recently, looking very odd but strangely weird? Mickey Rourke! All wrestler-ed up with what looks like tatooed facial hair. He's got a few rather edgy (ish) shots in the NYT magazine. No cheddar cheese/chutney/avocado crackers in the shots though...

On another memory lane posting, the Melrose Place Farmer's Market is a small affair. A few flower stands, about ten vegetable and fruit stands, a very good mobile cheese monger (an rather eccentric Dutch man), and the bread man. His loaves are okay, I prefer crustier stuff, but he has a brioche toast loaf that takes me back, aaaaall the way back. It is a square loaf, perfect for finger sandwiches (you see where I am going?).

So if Mark and I ever had tea on a rainy Sunday afternoon, we'd sip dark PG tips tea with a splash of milk from my grandmother's old transferware cups, talk about the demise of Domino (the magazine) and nibble on cucumber sandwiches made with the Melrose Place bread guy's brioche loaf, european butter, thinly sliced cucumber and a sprinkling of Maldon salt.
Come to think of, I don't think Mark would be into that. But I know my co-blogger would be (wouldn't you????)!

square brioche (egg bread) loaf
thick full fat (not excuse) european style butter
english cucumber
salt (any kind, but use sparingly)
+ one good bread knife


put kettle on

- have butter at room temp
- slice load into thin slices
- butter to slices of bread
- slice cucumber thinly and layer on on slice of bread
- sprinkle salt on other slice
- put one slice on top of other (butter facing cucumber)
- slice into 1-inch wide strips

brew tea, warm the milk

sit down & enjoy.

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