Wednesday, February 18, 2009

only in LA

Only in LA will you have lunch at a small neighborhood sushi restaurant and end up having an admiring chat with Cleve Jones and the brilliant writer of "Milk". And only in LA will that very sushi place have a dish called "biscotti" that has nothing to do with biscotti, and everything to do with Mark Bittman's recipe of the day.

MB's post this week is about grains, and about how to get more of them in your diet. And Ajisai's "biscotti" are not biscotti in the italian definition. Their biscotti are crunchy rice cakes (I'd like to think oven fried, but I am afraid it might just be fried fried) covered with a divine dollop of spicy tuna. Filling, protein and fiber laden, perfect with an espresso for breakfast, a diet coke for lunch or a beer for dinner.

In reference to MB's recommendations for left over rice and oat recipes, this one is replicable: take left over fiber of any kind, cut and shape into 3 bite sized shape, stick in oven or toaster.
Add an egg, or an egg white and scallion, or a slice of tuna or chicken or cheese or any other form of protein, sprinkle with sea salt/tamari/gomasio.

I can't promise the remake of these rice cakes will immediately put you in the company of Gay Rights Movement heroes and brilliant writers, but they will certainly make a lovely light meal.

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