Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 15 and a list of 15

This was a w-e if excess: a 2-day pinot charity fest that culminated in dinner last night with many bottles and then one more to cap the evening. All I wanted today was caffeine and comfort food.

I started the day with a bagel and lox (it was ok, but Portland is not NY in this respect) and ended with the most perfect grilled chicken breast and green salad, courtesy of chef Chris at the Dundee Bistro. It was not on the menu, but when I explained the nature of our w-e and my need for comfort, he knew what I meant.

His dinner takes #1 place on today's top 15 list of Juliette's comfort foods. Below a complete list not exactly in order of preference, the makings of which are almost always available in my fridge and pantry.

#1 grilled chicken and green salad with tangy lemon&olive oil dressing
#2 home made tomato soup
#3 my mom's rice pudding
#4 gouda, butter and wheat bread sandwich
#5 my grandmother's chicken soup
#6 soft boiled egg with toast "soldiers"
#7 corn flakes with sweetened milk
#8 PG tips tea with splash of milk (not technically a food, but serious comfort nonetheless)
#9 cream of wheat with sour cherries
#10 cucumber sandwiches made with soft English white bread
#11 sliced tomatoes
#12 plain yogurt with brown sugar
#13 apples (any kind as long as they are tart and hard)
#14 cheddar cheese + avocado + mango chutney
#15 Ritter Sport milk chocolate with hazelnuts

What's on your list?


kerewin said...

I get to help with IPNC every year and Jason Stoller Smith from Dundee Bistro is the most calming influence! I love him. I love that restaurant.

comfort foods:
hashbrowns and eggs
steak and mashed potatoes
homemade chicken soup with vegetables
rice with cold milk and sugar (breakfast)
Oatmeal with brown sugar and peanut butter
buttered toast and peanut butter

once bitten, twice crushed said...

How could i have left peanut butter off my list? Especially on toasted raisin bread - a pillar if my comfort foods!