Sunday, November 22, 2009

on the 22nd day, she made stock and soup

Today I solved the NYT crossword puzzle (it was an easy Sunday puzzle), finally saw and spoke to my parents on skype, and I made a vegetable stock for the vegetarian sheperd's pie for thanksgiving (on your right, the vegetables for the stock roasting) and the scarlett carrot soup (on the left, in its pre-blended stage). I also made bulgur and chickpea salad and chocolate chip cookies for a faculty meeting tomorrow.
My intention was to keep a photographic record of the enterprise. However, the vegetable stock recipe asks that you degaze the pan with red wine, which I did. I then served myself to a glass of wine, and from then on - no more pictures...
The stock is more like a vegan gravy:
-onions, mushrooms, red bell pepper, carrots parsley and garlic - roast with olive oil for 40 minutes at approx 350 degrees
-take out of oven and straddle over two burners over medium heat, add 2 tbsp of tomato paste and mix
-add one cup of red wine (I had a Cote du Rhone on hand) and deglaze
-(serve self glass of wine)
-pour all that mess into 4 qt pot, dd 4 cups of water and let simmer for 40 minutes
- pour out over fine mesh sieve and discard solid.

That's it. This is the gravy that will hold the sheperd's pie vegetables together, but I can imagine using this stock in any vegetable stew that requires richness and a deeper umami-like flavor that vegetables don't always have.

The choc chip cookies are for my colleagues, but I should have one right? Just to make sure they're good...

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Anne Zimmerman said...

A very wise man told me on Friday that 'should' is a bad word.
So sorry to miss you this week. I am leaving on Tuesday. So sad.