Saturday, November 7, 2009

i must really have meant it

When I committed to this November thing, I had no idea that interesting stuff does NOT happen everyday. It certainly does not happen when you are in sick bed.
Food-wise, life is particularly uninteresting, making my commitment to post daily really difficult. Yesterday's matzo ball chicken soup from Jerry's was excellent, today's Trader Joe's raspberry non-fat yoghurt delightful.
Although I guess I could start posting about anything. Like the fact that my pillows start feeling kinda lumpy after lying them for 15 hours, and at some point you really do run out of stuff to watch on I watched the entire first (and only?) season of Kitchen Confidential - the dramatization of Anthony Bourdain's book - the last time I took to bed, so what else is there? Firefly? Done. Hell's Kitchen? I dislike Gordon Ramsay profoundly.
So dear reader, if you are there, what should I watch ?

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