Thursday, November 19, 2009

On the 19th day of NaBloPoMo

On this, the 19th day, I had dinner at Bouchon in Beverly Hills. Among the many things we ate was Thomas Keller's signature roasted chicken, which I have to say, was pretty amazing. It takes two days to get it ready - what with the brining and the convection oven and then normal roasting - and the end result is very good. Unfortunately everything else was quite oversalted, so my memory of the chicken is a bit overshadowed by my swollen self. I am sure my co-blogger will ACE her chicken, and she'll mind her salt.

The dessert was a nice enough chocolate mousse, presented in a minute but very cute little pot one a very pretty plate. Don't you think it is pretty?

On other issues, did anyone notice how amazingly in-synch MB and I are??? I post about my list of thxgiving preparations yesterday, and HE makes his list of 101 dishes to prep before the big day. It's like we are connected or something...

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