Monday, November 30, 2009

Day the 30th - Nablopomo no more.

To be fair, I got WAY more than a lousy sense of satisfaction from posting every day for 30 days. It did push me to be more creative, push me to focus on something else than what was right in front of me (even if that usually meant whatever I was eating), and it pushed me to commit to something else than what I get paid for, or whatever I do when I procrastinate un-creatively not to do what I get paid to do. And I am very happy that I did stick with it. That a cold, a trip to the Bay Area, various professional melt-downs and canine emergencies did not detract. The challenge fulfilled its promise of keeping me anchored.

What lies ahead?

Well December of course. I am going to Matsuhisa with my father tomorrow night (the birthplace of the Nobu empire). You didn't think I'll let that go by un-blogged?

And December will also bring a return to Oregon and my co-blogger, so maybe we'll do something extra special with MB's holiday suggestions. Like what I don't know. But stay with us. There's more to come.

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