Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 2 - I have managed to upload a logo; and other things

But since this is just an itty bitty amateur blog, we don't have a sidebar like the grown-up blogs. No matter, here is a logo!!!! It makes it all so official.

And now, for our first installment of "where I would take MB", the November edition:


I scoffed at the ridiculousness of the name the first time I visited Oregon. It ranked a close second to 'Tacotime' as places I-won't-eat-at-based-on-their-name-alone-no-matter-how-much-the-locals-love-it.
I hope I am well on the way to becoming sort of a local, but I still will not eat at Tacotime. I mean, Tacotime? Plus, every Tacotime I have seen always has a mobile taco truck parked close by. And I will always prefer my tacos from a truck. But Burgerville, now that's a whole 'nother story.
How many burger franchises (Burgerville is a NW Oregon franchise) can boast a largely local list of providers, sustainability partners for everything from composting waste to recycling their cooking oil into biofuel, as well as seasonal items that are actually seasonal, and again, sourced locally? Once the strawberry season is over, there's no more berry lemonade. And if you like your pumpkin smoothie (I don't) better get it this month.
All that AND they make great burgers, with their 'burgerville spread' (which incidentally is not all that different from the In-n-Out spread) and Tillamook cheese, the best fast-food chicken strips (made with chicken, not chicken mush shaped into a nugget), 2 kinds of veggie burgers etc.
And no, they are not paying me. But if becoming an Oregonian requires allegiance to certain institutions (the Blazers, the Ducks, Keen shoes), consider me Oregonian in the Burgerville way.
And as an Oregonian, I would take MB for a burger and a shake at the Newberg Burgerville before catching a movie at the Drive-In (yes, we still have those here).

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