Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 4 - what's in YOUR shopping cart, Mr Bittman?

I went to Trader Joe's hungry. It was 5 pm, I had eaten crackers (from ikea) with a few slices of gouda, 1 apple and some sorry left-over pirate bootie smart puffs for lunch and I was RA-venous. I went with a short list : chicken, sliced almonds, red onions - the plan was to pan roast a chicken breast for dinner with a cucumber salad made with a lonely cucumber from the fridge.

Here is what I walked out of TJs with:

Eggplant hummus
pitta bread
yellow peppers
apple juice
loaf of sandwich bread
firm organic tofu
fresh cranberries
2 small ivy topiaries
babybel cheese ( one of which was consumed in situ)
banilla protein shake (also consumed before check out)
frozen alsatian tart
frozen mac n' cheese
12 mini mint ice-cream mouthfuls (I am eating one right now)
3 packs of spaghetti
2 packs of penne
1 chicken
1 bag of teeny weeny potatoes
vitamin C packets
agave syrup
3 pots of nonfat TJ fruit yoghurt
mache lettuce
green lettuce
organic dry roasted almonds
sweet&spicy pecans
(i should have just taken a picture of the receipt - damn!)
2 cartons of low sodium chicken stock

There were also whoppie pies on display, but I controlled myself, and I am glad I did, because hello mini mint frozen mouthfuls, and look here.

I live alone when I am in LA, except for every second w-e when I am joined by one vegetarian and two children who prefer hot dogs, pizza or scrambled eggs (note: none of that was purchased today). Also I rarely eat frozen and pre-packaged food, I usually make my own hummus (did I buy that lonely eggplant to absolve myself of the tub of trader middle east eggplant mush?), and I cannot remember the last time I chose to add "sweet&spicy" pecans to anything.

The cucumber is still in the fridge, untouched. I ate so much eggplant hummus that by the time the chicken was done, I ate almost none of it. And now there's no room left in the fridge and Gala (the dog) has been doing all sorts of acrobatics trying to reach the chicken leftovers on the stove.

It might be interesting to find out what my co-blogger purchased at the supermarket (hi S - comments below!), what I am really dying to know is what MB buys at the supermarket when he shouldn't.

And anyone else - feel free to share in the comments. Please make me feel better about all that pasta I have to store somewhere and the 8 limes that are joining the other 7 in my fridge.


Zoe-Bot said...

Oh. My. God. That list is BUH-nanas. I sort of love it.

crushed said...

Did you take up smoking crack when you headed South? I really want to know what you are going to do with the ivy topiaries...

once bitten, twice crushed said...

you can't smoke crack out of a topiary! oh wait - that's not what you were asking, is it? they're on the mantle, bookending the dead butterfly collection of course.