Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 21 - behold the matzo ball

Isn't this a thing of beauty? After my co-blogger posted a roast chicken that has had me salivating all day, I needed to at least honor her efforts with a picture of my dinner.
Oregon is sorely lacking in decent deli food, so when I am in LA, I indulge that side of my cravings.

After a rather awesome work-out rolling around on hard balls, making ourselves cry in pain, my friend Alli (who has all the news of LA restaurants on her blog) were starving. The instructor told to take it easy on ourselves and not to indulge over dinner. We were not to eat anything cold, raw or alcoholic. As if we hadn't suffered enough already!

Alli knew of an old deli in the neighborhood, and I am SO grateful we went there and not to any of our West Hollywood delis. Roll n Rye makes the best matzo ball soup. Rich and deep in flavour, with nice juicy chicken bits and noodles like the ones my grandmother put in her soup. It was divine. Their potato pancakes were not bad either. Not as good as crunchy and fresh as my mom's, but they hit the spot.

The black and white cookie looked good, and the waiter was selling it pretty hard, but I controlled myself.

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