Monday, November 30, 2009

Too much.

After a weekend of excess, (actually, I wasn't that bad, all things considered), I am starting the week with a simple and almost austere breakfast. No pie for me today. Black coffee and grapefruit. One of my favorite things about December is that this is when I can get good citrus. As a child in California, we had an orange and a lemon tree in the back yard. We also had parents who worked full time and raised three children, so doing things like properly fertilizing said citrus trees was not a priority. The oranges that the tree produced with were gross. Dry in the middle, sometimes no juice at all. Once they had clearly been frozen on the tree during some freak frost and it ruined the oranges. The lemons had a pith that was half an inch thick. My father always insisted that for breakfast we each have a quarter of whatever orange was available, regardless of texture or taste. The result is that I have not been a huge citrus fan as an adult. However, a few winters ago, I rediscovered the grapefruit. Having a bit of sunshine for breakfast in this occasionally bleak Pacific Northwest weather is a wonderful antidote to the blahs.


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