Saturday, November 28, 2009

day 28

If MB and I had to drive down from the Bay Area to LA on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I would certainly hope we'd drive down in a stretch something driven by someone else than MB or I. That way we wouldn't notice the rest of California driving down the 5 today. Nor would we mind getting stuck in traffic for EVER on the last 50-mile stretch into LA.

The lovely driver of said stretchmobile would also be the one to stand in line at the Kettleman City In n' Out Burger and bring it back to us, so we wouldn't have to share space with that half of humanity that was not across the street getting Sundaes at McDonald's.

MB and I would probably have a lengthy debate as to whether the In n'Out burger is better than the Burgerville burger, and we'd be busy discussing it for the next forever hours as we inched our way back to SoCal after 2 very short but lovely days in the Berkeley hills.

PS: the weird non-food picture was taken while driving very slowly through the Cajón pass.


Anne Zimmerman said...

I am not trying to start something, but I will toss my vote into the In and Out burger category. Ideally followed by a blizzard from an Oregon Dairy Queen (there just aren't enough in CA).
A girl can dream, can't she?

once bitten, twice crushed said...

we should start an online poll about this, it'll be the great 2010 debate. altho as far as milkshakes go, burgerville tops DQ and in n' out fershure...