Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 17 -dinner at the Apple Pan

After an early morning, office hours, lecture and a very long drive to pick up the dog, all I could do when I got home was pour myself a bourbon on the rocks. Me, my dog and the NYT xword puzzle = perfection.
I recovered from the day, I relaxed.

There's nothing in the fridge though, and I really should not be around knives after having bourbon, so when my friend Marne came over we decided dinner was going to be a burger. We went old school - all the way to the Apple Pan, where there's plaid wall paper dating from 1953 on the walls, and wood paneling, and the menu hasn't changed since they printed it. We had burgers and fries with a side of hickory sauce - the tartest relish and ketchup concoction imaginable, and it was delicious! We sat at the horse-shoe shaped counter and Marne flirted with the septuagenarian waiter and I left with my hands sticky from that sauce.

What a way to end a very long Tuesday. Upwards and onwards to Wednesday and day 18!

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Anne Zimmerman said...

How I wish we were both in the same CA city. It always sounds like you hare having too much fun!